We want to vote, we want independence

There was a lot of people in the 6 segments of the Catalan Way (3 km in Sants’ main street). A very nice, peaceful, memorable day: 1,6 million people according to official data. We remember Bill Clinton’s words in Barcelona (october 2001):

“the world will be Catalan or Taliban. In a Catalan world we would celebrate the differences, because they are a manifestation of the common Humanity. In a Taliban world, the differences are the only thing that matters.”.

We are hope. It is not about Catalonia, indeed. It is neither about Spain. It is about democracy in Europe. Peacefully, democraticly, we want to decide the future of this old nation. Some photos from Sants district (Barcelona), and two videos, at 17.14 h (0′ 38”), by Christine Memminger, and after 17.14 h (1’12”), by Albert Baranguer, and more, from now on, in our Picasa album:

Una gentada a Sants, més que una cadena

More than a human chain, a crowd (photo by Jaume Colom Gabarró)

La geganta de la Núria Feliu ha al·lucinat

I’d wish to be a giant (photo by Gerard Ferrer)

Més carretera de Sants (foto de Raul Duran)

Sants main street (photo by Raul Duran)

Via Catalana in Barcelona (11.09.2013, 17:14) from Frau Barcelona on Vimeo. Albert Baranguer: The Catalan Way for Independence in Sants

We want independence

We want independence (photo by Cris Altabella)

 PS: This evening, some nazis attacked in Madrid the Catalan Office 🙁

There is a great work here, made by a good reporter: it is a sad video (2′ 01”) by Barcelona’s newspaper La Vanguardia. The Pro-Nazis –you can see a Falangist flag– shout “No nos engañan: Cataluña es España”: “They do not fool us. Catalonia is Spain”. We consider the Spanish Home Office Minister, Jorge Fernandez, is inefficient and not a democrat. He tolerates harassing against people who speak Catalan by Spanish policemen. He spies. He leaked lies before Catalan elections against President Mas. We think he must resign. We believe the European Comission agrees.

We peacefully fight against Madrid’s government. We fight for independence. This video does not represent in any way the people of Madrid.


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