Contact the grassroots Catalan movement for independence

If you are interested in talking to activists in the grassroots movement for independence, we may be your target. Sants-Montjuïc District is the widest one in Barcelona. It has a population of 177,636. Sants-Montjuïc for Independence is one of the +500 local assemblies of the Catalan National Assembly. It is a big one and a very active one.

  • Bel Galera, Joan Vilallonga and Enric Blanes attend to media and foreign politicians
  • You can contact us by mail, (Saturday), (Sunday from 4.00 pm) and (Sunday), or by our twitter account in English, @IndySants
    • Try our Twitter list inBarcelona, journalists and observers who will be in Barcelona on November 9th
  • On Sunday, we will be in Sants: our office is in carrer Alcolea 75 (15 minutes from the center of the city by bus, underground or train)
  • Further information in our main page in English
Talking to a Scottish friend, last August

Meeting a Scottish friend, last August (photo by Josep-Lluís Gonzàlez, Creative Commons by-nc-sa)


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